The Couple

The CoupleEdit

Sasori and Deidara - Profile Image
(Japanese サソデイ SasoDei) refers to the romantic relationship between Sasori and Deidara. This pairing is sometimes, although not often, called DeiSaso (Japanese デイサソ DeiSaso).

The RelationshipEdit

Sasori and Deidara first met when Sasori, Itachi, and Kisame attempted to recruit Deidara into Akatsuki to be Sasori's new partner. Sasori commented briefly that Deidara looks like someone who would die young.

Sasori and Deidara would work together for a few years and were an affective team for the most part, successfully capturing the One-Tailed Shukaku together during the Kazekage Rescue Arc. They are both artists, but have opposing views on what art was. This caused frequent arguing between the two. Sasori believed art was something that was meant to last for an eternity, like his puppets, while Deidara believes art was to last only for a single moment, like his clay creations. Ironically Sasori likes to end his fights quickly and hated waiting, while Deidara liked to take his time when fighting his opponents. Sasori died in his battle against Chiyo and Sakura, something that Deidara was surprised by though he commented it was an artistic way to go. He was unaware that Sasori chose to let Chiyo kill him with her puppets. Deidara would later also die suicidally, exploding himself in a last ditch effort to kill Sasuke.

Both Sasori and Deidara were later revived by Kabuto as part of his army for the Fourth Shinobi War and assigned to the Surprise Attack and Platoon Division. They almost immediately began arguing about art again, which culminates in Sasori threatening to kill Deidara and Deidara asserting they were already dead. After being captured by Kankuro's Surprise Attack Division, Kankuro begin to tell Sasori how he has been immortalized by the puppets he created. Sasori acknowledges what Kankuro says as true and his soul passed on, despite Deidara's fervent pleas to ignore what Kankuro was saying. Deidara later passes on as well after Kabuto released the jutsu.

The EvidenceEdit

  • Deidara refered to Sasori as "Sasori no Danna" meaning Master Sasori; it can also mean Sasori, my husband.
  • After their revival in which Kankuro was telling Sasori he had been immortalized by his puppets, Deidara pleaded with Sasori not to listen. Deidara may have done this to keep Sasori from dying again, after seeing how the same thing happened to their teammate Shin. However this may have been an attempt to argue that his art style was superior rather then saving Sasori.
  • In edo tensei, after Sasori past away, Deidara was mourning him by a lakeside thinking that Sasori would've know what to do and that he's all alone now.

Among the FansEdit

SasoDei is a fairly popular Yaoi shipping and a very popular Akatsuki pairing, if not the most popular Akatsuki pairing. It's rival couples are SasoSaku, ItaDei, and DeiSaku.