The Couple

The CoupleEdit

NaruTema (Japanese ナルテマ)  is the term used to refer the romantic relationship of Naruto Uzumaki and Temari.

Their RelationshipEdit

Part lEdit

Chunin Exams ArcEdit

Naruto first meets Temari when Konohamaru accidentally bumbs into Kankuro, and threatens to beat him up. Temari then tells Kankuro that they aren't even worth it, including Naruto who gets scared of the both of them.

Part llEdit

Kazekage Rescue ArcEdit

When Temari is first introduced into Part ll, Naruto forgets who she is and asks her name, with Temari disappointed.

Later into the arc, while Team Kakashi and Temari hurry over to the Sand Village, Naruto talks about his feelings of Gaara's kidnapping and Temari is shown to sadly look at Naruto and thanks him for understanding and changing her brother into a better person.


None for this pairing.

Among the FansEdit

NaruTema is not a popular pairing, but could be shipped due to how Temari has a jinchuriki as her brother, so she may know how Naruto feels.