The CoupleEdit

Couple's name (japanese version of couple's name if possible) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Character 1 and Character 2. [Character's name will be linked with Narutopedia]. - One fanmade picture of the couple to be used as the couple's profile pic.

Their RelationshipEdit

Divided in Part I (Naruto Classic) and Part II (Naruto Shippuuden) if possible. Description of the characters interactions throughout the series [CANON INFORMATION ONLY!]. - May have pictures (with proper caption) and videos [Canon only - manga or anime screenshots/ NO fanarts in this section].

  • This section must not have any kind of reference to the fandom nor any writer's opinions - Avoid using lines like "It's suggested...", "we believe...", "The fans think...", "this might be...", in this section.


Canon/ Official informations that may give support to the said pairing. - Bulleted Required.

Unofficial EvidenceEdit

Any other information related with the said pairing that is non-canon. This section's objective is only to give the pairing fans more stuff about their loved pairing, that do not exist in the real story.

Among the FansEdit

Information about the fandom. Popularity, probable reason for support, rival pairings (with links for their respective page), etc... [No personal opinion here or untruth data].


Any information that can be concluded as "fun facts" about a pairing that comes from databooks, interviews, special events, outside material such as the actor's relationships with one another and etc.

External LinksEdit

A selection of links to other sources related with the pairing, like fan-club pages, tumblr, blogs, deviantart, etc... Links for fanfics or AMVs are NOT allowed here, to avoid a long list of links.


Selection of pictures (official and fanmade) of the said pairing. This section's objective is only to give the pairing fans more stuff about their loved pairing.