The Couple

The CoupleEdit

MadaMei (マダメイ, MadaMei)  is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Madara Uchiha and Mei Terumi.

Their RelationshipEdit

Shinobi World War ArcEdit

Upon hearing Madara's arrival, all five kage gathered on the battlefield to confront him.

In order to buy Tsunade time to heal the others, Mei immediately attacked Madara, spewing lava from her mouth in an endeavor to overlay him. At first, Madara avoided the attack; however, he was quickly intercepted by A and Madara was sent flying into the lava. Spewing another torrent of lava, Madara activates his Susanoo and protects himself. Still continuously shooting lava, Mei is shocked when she finds him unharmed.


Madara's susanoo's ribs had begun to melt, complimenting her power to which Mei replied that while she likes being complimented by men, she has to hold off in his case. After using the wooden release technique, Mei is astonished by how Madara could easily create a forest. After Madara releases the Impure's World Reincarnation technique, a horrified and shocked Mei questions about the whereabouts of the situation.

Not impressed, Madara criticizes Mei for not figuring out that that he was not the kind of person to be bound by such a technique.


  • Madara was impressed by Mei's offensive prowess (Madara rarely compliments anyone).

Among the fansEdit

MadaMei is not a popular pairing, but does have it's share of supporters. People mostly support this couple based on how well they look as well as how Madara's complimented Mei's power(since Madara rarely gets impressed by anyone). Also being said that Madara rarely compliments female shinobi's.

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