The Couple

The CoupleEdit

Kiba and Ino
KibaIno (Japanese 犬塚いの KibaIno) is the term used to describe a relationship between Kiba Inuzuka and Ino Yamanaka.

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Five Kage SummitEdit

As Ino is crying over the news of Sasuke, Kiba scolds Ino for not facing the reality and consequences she might be putting herself into.

Ten-Tails Revival ArcEdit

When Ino gets back into her own body after taking Obito's, she was shown very weak and about to fall when Kiba catches her and asks her if she was okay. She replied very weakly that she was fine to him.

Blank Period Edit

Konoha Hiden: A Perfect Day for a Wedding Edit

During the video recording being down for Naruto and Hinata's birthday, while Ino is talking into the camera, Akamaru comes and tackles her, licking her. Kiba takes the chance to inch close to the camera and begin talking himself.



Among the FansEdit

KibaIno is a fairy known crack pairing, mostly supported by ShikaTema fans who find the two to fit well together due to both being hotheads. The way the two look together also plays a major role into the shipping. Few scenes have been shown between the two characters, but nothing shown beyond of a mild friendship. The popularity of this couple has highly increased since the scene of Kiba catching an exhausted Ino during the Ten-Tails Revival Arc. Their rival couples are KibaHinaShikaIno, and SaiIno.