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ItaSaku (イタサク - ItaSaku) is the term used to refer to romantic relationship between Itach Uchiha and Sakura Haruno.

Their RelationshipEdit

Part IIEdit

During her two-and-a-half year training with Tsunade, Sakura discovered that Itachi is Sasuke's brother and he is the person sasuke desires to kill in order to avenge their clan. Knowing Itachi is the person behind Sasuke's pain and suffering, Sakura vowed to hate Itachi.

Kazekage Rescue Edit

While traveling to Sunagakure, Sakura reveals her findings about Itachi to Naruto and devises a strategy to find Itachi so they can get closer to finding Sasuke.

Itachi and Sakura first met face to face in the Kazekage Rescue Arc, where Itachi confronted her and her team when they were on the way to rescue Gaara. Sakura thought that he was Sasuke at first, due to their similar looks but then realized that she was standing before Itachi Uchiha. She and Naruto then quickly tried to think of a plan to take him down, but at the end failed. 

Pain's AssaultEdit

Upon learning Itachi was dead, Sakura felt surprised and relieved because she thought this meant Sasuke would return to the village.

Kage SummitEdit

Sakura suspects there is more to the original story of Itachi killing the Uchiha clan in cold blood when Naruto confronts Sasuke about knowing the truth about Itachi. However, she doesn't know the truth due to Naruto opting to keep it a secret to avoid chaos.


Although she never learns the truth about the Uchiha massacre and that Itachi did it to protect Sasuke, Sakura learns to forgive Itachi when she learns that Sasuke forgave and reconciled with him.


  • Sakura almost mistook Itachi for Sasuke due to their close resemblance.
  • Despite their minimum interaction, Sakura often thinks about Itachi due to the damage he has done to Sasuke.
  • In the Road to Ninja movie, Itachi saved Sakura, which surprised her.

Among the fansEdit

ItaSaku is quite popular in fandom; being Itachi's most popular overall pairing and having a fair amount of fans among Sakura pairings. Fans most likely support it due to Itachi's significant resemblence to Sasuke to which Sakura might find appealing. Their personalities also seem to fit which makes this pairings quite interesting. Their rival couples are NaruSaku, SasuSakuItaDei and DeiSaku.

Most published Fanfictions written by fans of the couple, usually use an "Alternate Universe" setting wherein Itachi did not kill the clan and remained a normal anbu captain of Konohagakure, whilsts having interactions with Sakura due to her being one of the teammates of his brother sasuke.