The Couple

The Couple

GaaMatsu (我愛マツ GaaMatsu) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Gaara and Matsuri.

Their Relationship

Part II

Kazekage Rescue Arc

Matsuri Gaara

Matsuri helping Gaara

As Gaara is revived, Matsuri is shown present. She becomes angry when one of her comrades voices his fears that Gaara had died. Matsuri then rush towards Gaara, praising his looks and strengths with her best friend Sari. Kankurou then mentions that girls seemed to have a thing for the cool and elite types of men.

Five Kage Summit Arc

Matsuri is seen in a crowd, telling Gaara to be careful as he leaves for the Kage Summit.


  • Matsuri's feelings for Gaara are made obvious when she gushes about him.

Among the Fans

GaaMatsu is fairly known among hetero Gaara couples, though it is outclassed by pairings such as GaaHina in terms of popularity. Fans likely support it due to her crush on him as well as the fact that the anime filler episodes gave Matsuri's relationship with Gaara more depth. It is considered a rival pairing to GaaSaku.