TyA TyA 4 October 2020

Wiki Manager Introduction

Hi everyone! I'm TyA and I've recently been assigned as the new Wiki Manager for this wiki. My job is to help support anime wikis and their communities across Fandom. If you're ever in need of any assistance, or just have a question, please feel free to reach out to me on my talk page and I'll help however I can!

I'm also available on Discord (@ty#0768) if you'd prefer to talk that way. ~tya 15:42, October 4, 2020 (UTC)

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Mondetactica Mondetactica 4 September 2020


Heya! I'm mondetactica. I am an artist who's based on Singapore. My favorite ships are IwaDenki and MetaHouki.

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Uchihasasuke7thhokage Uchihasasuke7thhokage 7 January 2016

the only thing I dislike

As a sasuke fan, I believe he should have killed naruto after he knocked him out at the final valley before going to orochimaru, than he would never have lost to naruto later on

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Elevateee Elevateee 11 October 2015

Killer B's Dreamworld

I actually liked this episode because:

-Jinchuriki bonding

-Killer B

-Bijuu bonding



During Naruto, I actually wanted all the Jinchuriki to team up and fight against Madara or Kaguya, like it would have been such an epic battle. Unfortunately we all know that when a Bijuu is extracted from a Jinchuriki, they obviously die. I just wished that Kishimoto would have changed that and added a Team Jinchuriki. It's like the Akatsuki. I felt that Kishimoto killed the Akatsuki off a little too early but then again I suppose it was needed so Madara and Kaguya could come in.

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Lilyxflower Lilyxflower 23 September 2015

When did it happen?

I've never been a SasuSaku shipper; I had hoped Sakura would realize Sasuke was no good for her and she would end up with Naruto. But since that didn't happen and she ended up with Sasuke after all, I've gotten used to it and been keeping up with the anime to see the epilogue moments between them. But I've always wondered something. When and where did they get married, and when and where was Sarada conceived and born? Of course, an October doujinshi will show what their wedding likely was like, but we'll have to wait if Sarada will be included. I've always wondered if Sakura left Konoha to find Sasuke, they got married and she got pregnant during the traveling? If Sasuke returned to Konoha, married Sakura, conceived Sarada but they didn't …

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Artemika Artemika 9 September 2015

ObiRin canon?

Guys,I was wondering if Obirin counts as a canon couple. I mean that Rin was in the afterlife,told Obito that she had been waiting for him and said that she understood his actions(and she didn't say much about Kakashi) It seems to me that ObiRin is canon,I know both are dead but they got to be with each other in the afterlife.Not to mention,Rin's feelings for Kakashi have faded.). What do you think about it?

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NikkiKikiZelonss NikkiKikiZelonss 29 May 2015

Pics of Sasuaya

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NikkiKikiZelonss NikkiKikiZelonss 28 May 2015



SasuAya (サスサク SasuAya) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Ayame Mashiba and Sasuke Uchiha.

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Nutella Lover Nutella Lover 3 March 2015

Strangest Crack Pairings/Bad Experiences

Rating: T

I respect all pairings, and different point of views (I like PeinSaku). But there are some pairings I just can't wrap my head around. Although, well-written fanfictions usually soften you up when it comes to that, sometimes you end up in the darkest corners of Fanfiction.net and don't come out unscathed.

The pairing I...tried to like a few years back was OroSaku. I'm not sure why, but I thought, "Hey, I never expected to like PeinSaku, who knows, maybe I'll find a good fic."

But since I'm an idiot, I picked THE two fics that would change my mind about this pairing forever. One involved dear Orochimaru and little Kabuto kidnapping Sakura and impregnating her (yes, both of them) and the other was about Sakura ending up in his Lair and…

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Yuri Bara Yuri Bara 4 July 2014

Naruto Pairings Meme

Hey guys! Yes, I realize that a quarter of the picture was accidentaly chopped out courtesy of me and my first time editing a photo. You can see the rest of the faces by clicking the original (Click the photo and it will take you to its source) or you can read below the picture (It's filled with all of the couples I marked on the meme). Me with my first actual blog post that wasn't posted out of the boredom of a sick and restless girl! I found this on DeviantART and I thought that I would do one of my own and here it is! Keep in mind that this are just a few of my opininions. If it's confusing, I'll write it out here with explainations(Sorta?)

You can do your own by editing the image. Find the blank version by clicking the photo.

~Love Secto…

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Hikaru89 Hikaru89 25 May 2014

ANNOUCEMENT! - Fanart Mass Deletion

Hi guys, here's the deal, long time ago we decided that the fanart pictures must have proper creditation, and yet there're lots of fanarts in the galleries without credit or source. There's also the problem that many new users start editing by uploading new pics without crediting them. If this continue I'll consider to remove all Fanart galleries.

So I decided that I'll start a fanart mass deletion soon. Pictures that will be removed:

  • Uncredited/ Unsourced pics;
  • Pictures from artists that asked to not have their artwork reposted;
  • edited fanart;


If you uploaded any fanart to the gallery and do not want it to be removed, please find the original source, check if the original artist doesn't say they don't want their artwork reposted (this is spe…

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Yuri Bara Yuri Bara 19 May 2014


I am making this blog post one: Because I have nothing better to do and two: I don't remember the second reason...

I have been spamming the Recent Wiki Activity for hours. How many Edits have I made in the last 24 hours? (Thirty-one. I counted. Two of which really shouldn't count because I added pictures that had already been added, even though I checked that there were no copies 4 times).

It's 12:31 where I live, but I always stay up until at least 1:00. *Sigh* I need a purpose in life. Oh, wait, I have one. To be a fangirl. That's why I've been on Wikia all day.

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Narutoworld123ino Narutoworld123ino 25 February 2014

Isn't this cute or what?:D

I was scrolling down on images of Naruto(What else would I be doing?) and I find these photos! >.

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Hikaru89 Hikaru89 27 December 2013

Happy B-Day Hinata!!


Today is the birthday of one of the most loved Kunoichis inside the Naruto universe!

Congratulations also to NaruHina, NejiHina, SasuHina and all the other pairings involving Hinata!

If you could talk with Hinata, what would you tell her for her?

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MichiyoChiba MichiyoChiba 15 November 2013

SasuSaku and NaruHina (Kishimoto's pictures)

Hey guys! I was online facebook and I found this in a Sasuke Uchiha page. They(NaruHina and SasuSaku fans) said that both of these pictures are drawn by Kishimoto Masashi. They also said that Kishimoto have his reason drawing the picture background so can I know are all this reason are really from Kishimoto or they just made up?

They said that the meaning of Hinata's name is "place in the sun"(some say the meaning of Hinata's name is "towards the sun") so that is why Kishimoto draw Naruto in the background of the the picture looking at the sun. Besides that, they also said that Kishimoto purposely draw the sun and the necklace that Hinata is wearing looks just like the symbol of the Uzumaki clan. This picture is Kishimoto's first depiction …

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Sofiamow Sofiamow 14 November 2013

Couple Dan Katō & Tsunade

guys may add another couple? ^-^


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~SasuSakuKAWAII ~SasuSakuKAWAII 24 October 2013

Celebrating Halloween w/ NCW

Hi Everyone^^

As you can see, Halloween is right around the corner and I thought of an idea of changing the background into something spooky-like. Best if it was related to the Naruto Series and etc. So I was wondering if anyone has any good Naruto spooky Halloween fanarts we can use, then please feel free to share them. Thank you^^

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Natsue Natsue 23 October 2013

Team 7 on the cover of Shonen Jump!

Look at the gem we got this week for the 14th anniversary of the serialization of Naruto! 

I can't believe that 14 years already passed since the first chapter! I feel old! Do you guys like the cover? What do you think about the other ones inside of today's chapter? And on the other hand, the end of the war is coming! What's your opinion about this arc until now? Do you expect more things before it comes to an end?Would you change something? Let me hear your opinion!

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Hikaru89 Hikaru89 23 October 2013


Hi everyone, SSK-san and I want to thanks all the suggestions for the new profile picture for the NaruHina article. We talked, and decided to chose 10 pictures we believe it would work as a profile picture. Now we ask you to chose your 3 favorite pictures out of the 10!

Here's how it will work:

  • Choose the 3 pictures (out of the 10) you think it should be in the final poll;
  • Name those 3 pics in order of preference (Favorite, 2nd favorite and 3rd favorite);
  • Any questions, feel free to ask;
  • Respect the other's choices;

Deadline: November 1!

===TOP 10 ===

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MichiyoChiba MichiyoChiba 21 October 2013

SasuSaku (Sasuke x Sakura) Future in Question

Hey guys! Today when I log in facebook I saw this in my anime group so can I ask is this from a databook, magazine or special edition or something? I have no idea what is this? When I ask that people who post this in that group he say that he get it from a page so he don't know either! -_-

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Hikaru89 Hikaru89 19 October 2013

OVA - Naruto Gakuen Den

For those that haven't watched the OVA yet.

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Hikaru89 Hikaru89 16 October 2013


So what you guys think about it?

It took me sooo loooong to do it cos I don't have photoshop so I had to use Word, Paint and Paint dot net! But I think it ended up quite nicely. I tried to make in the same wasy as the logo from Naruto Shippuden. Unfortunally I had no idea how to make the pink whirl behind the text so left without it.

Now I wanna change the favicon. I have no idea what to do, but I thought of doing the same as in Fairy Tail Couples Wiki, a heart with the symbol of Konoha inside... But I'm not sure since we also have other villages in here too...

I also wanted to change the homepage, but I have no idea what to do with it yet... I wanted a diferent pic in there too...

Any ideas?

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MichiyoChiba MichiyoChiba 3 October 2013

SasuNaru/NaruSasu(Naruto x Sasuke/Sasuke x Naruto) The 2nd kissed

Hey guys! Have anyone of you watch Naruto Shippuden episode 194? It's a filler episode but that episode is very funny. Naruto Shippuden episode 194 is about Naruto & Sasuke have been stuck together & the funny part of all is that Naruto & Sasuke accidently kissed each other again( their 2nd kissed XD ). There is also one part in that episode is funny that is the part about an awkward moment when Naruto said to Sasuke "I gotta pee" XD So do you think is consider as the evidence of SasuNaru/NaruSasu?

P.S. The video is kinda blurr so if you want to watch a clear video,you can change the quality at the settings to 480p quality!

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MichiyoChiba MichiyoChiba 3 October 2013

SasuSaku (Sasuke x Sakura) The Japanese Mythology,"Shinto"

Hey guys! Have anyone of you heard about a Japanese Mythology called Shinto ? There are a lot of names from that mythology can be found in Naruto. Example: Izanagi, Izanami, Mikoto, Hyuga, the sword of Kusanagi, Tsukiyomi, Susanoo, Amaterasu, Konohasakuya-hime etc. I find that one of the Japanese Mythology from Shinto, Hyuga Mythology ,has something to do with Sasuke & Sakura ( Sasuke as Ninigi n Mikoto ,the grandson of the sun god named Amaterasu & the son of the Ame no Oshihomimi no Mikoto & Sakura as Konohasakuya-hime ,the daughter of the mountian god, Ohoyamatsumi  ).

What do you think? Do you think this is also an evidence of SasuSaku?

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Skygal648 Skygal648 1 October 2013

NaruHina Pokemon Card

Okay, sometime ago, SSK-chan put up some SasuSaku cards on the SasuSaku comments. Well, I was snooping on google, and had found this:

Is this not so cute? Heehee, my NaruHina feelings inside. :DDDDDDDDDDD

P.S--Please no shipping wars when I put this up! I just wanted to show my NH love for the NH fans out there. I don't want any bashing on this blog, please!

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Hikaru89 Hikaru89 27 September 2013


When I came to this wiki it had barely any editors and anonymous people were rulling over. The few editors would just make editions as they wish. Before I decided to adopt the wiki things started to get better, a few active users appeared and started to contribute with many good info and editions. I became Adm, and together with the active users we made many decisions including the creation of the MoS.

But then more users appeared, new pages were created, many editions were made and even some fights started. And It's been too much for me to handdle alone, considering that my personal life does't leave much free time.

That's why after thinking a lot, I made the decision to give Adm rights to another user so our wiki will have 2 adms instead o…

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Natsue Natsue 26 September 2013

What Karin really said on chapter 647

Hello guys! Today I want to share with you what Karin really said on chapter 647. 

As you can see, this is the raw version, which says: サスケノ所に今すぐ行ってハグしてなめまわしてえんだよコノヤロー!!that translated means "I’ll go to Sasuke’s location right away, hug him, and run my tongue over (him), that shithead!!"

(The katakana in the corner is ワナワナ (wanawana), which is onomatopoeia for “trembling all over.”)

As you can see, it's not the same as mangapanda or mangastream. Their versions make her sound more sexual and crude that it actually is. While in this one you can see it's a little more  gentle with her words (I'm not sure how to describe it) and in character.

Anyways, I just wanted to let you know this, because Karin's words are often mistranslated (I've my theori…

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Hikaru89 Hikaru89 22 September 2013

Naruto x DBZ = NaruHina/ SasuSaku?

So, I found this on DA. Couples aside, I knew already that the character Uzumaki Naruto had a bit of his concept based on Goku (orange and blue clothes, etc), since Kishimoto-sensei is a big fan of Akira Toriyama and his series. But I never realized how Hinata and Chichi are similar! Their hair style and even their fight style are quite similar.

Btw, wouldn't be awesome if Akira and Kishi-sensei make a special cross-over chapter? There's already one with Oda and Akira with DBZ and One Piece. I know I would love to see Naruto and Goku together XD

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Skygal648 Skygal648 2 September 2013

Kiba Jealous?

Okay, you might be thinking this is old, but I'm just thinking. Okay, I'm just saying, I think Kiba is jealous of Hinata and Naruto.

Evidence? Okay, Chapter 611, Kiba says to stop trying to act cool in front of Hinata.

During the Imposter Arc, when Naruto and Hinata look at each other, Kiba pulls Naruto's collar and tells him that it is time to go, leaving a smiling Hinata.

Others? I dunno. Please write below and tell me what you think! Thank you! :)

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~SasuSakuKAWAII ~SasuSakuKAWAII 27 August 2013

Naruto Volume Cover 66?

Hi Everyone^^

So recently, I've come across some amazing things.. 

And I found this. Is this real and has it been confirmed yet?

If this is real, does this mean that Kishi-sama is doing a new look for our Medical Nin?^^

What are your thoughts?

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Harunoism Harunoism 22 August 2013

''Sasuke x Sakura'' in the 10th ending of Shippuden?

Okay I'm sure many of you noticed this before,but for those that didn't here's something I found recently: 

Like a writing in the sand.

It's on the very end of Naruto Shippuden Ending 10 or My answer. It seemed familliar and I didn't know what it meant. I did some research and here's what I found: 

サスケ  | サクラ Sasuke | Sakura

 What do you think? A couple of people told me that it indeed says Sasuke x Sakura and the letters(katakana I think?) look compatible. Someone help me out! T-T

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~SasuSakuKAWAII ~SasuSakuKAWAII 19 August 2013

A Naruto Part 3?

Hi Everyone^^ 

I know this is very old.. But I heard that there might possibly be a Naruto Part 3. I heard it was going to be called Naruto Akkipuden. I also hear it's going to be after Naruto becomes Hokage.. But to what it seems right now, it seems so very unlikely to me.

Btw. I've also heard that Naruto is ending somewhere by 2014. But anyways, what are you guy's opinions on Naruto Part 3?^^

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Kakaanko12 Kakaanko12 14 August 2013


Is there a Konohamaru and moegi page

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Kakaanko12 Kakaanko12 13 August 2013


I wonder what has more fans Shikatema or Shikaino

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Skygal648 Skygal648 9 August 2013

Naruhina Page


Okay, so I was just reading the NaruHina page, and saw that is was missing a whole bunch of info on the couple! I mean, the reason we ship them is because of all the info about them! Right?????????

So, yeah, that's all I have to say. If you feel the same, comment down about this situation.


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Hikaru89 Hikaru89 8 August 2013

New rule! - Opinions?

Hi again everyone ^^

Although I'm Adm I do not have intention to create new rules without asking the community about it. So here's the matter:

There's a rule already in the wiki that says that when creating a page it must have at least 3 of the 7 sections filled or else the page will be deleted after a determined time. I'm not really picky about that, specially since some crack pairings don't have much info to put in their page.

But then I started thinking, if there`s no info to put in the article, specially the ämong the fans"section, doesn't that means that this pairing is not supported inside the fandom? Then it's really necessarily to have that pairing here?

My concern is that at some point, people start to match random characters just to …

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Harunoism Harunoism 5 August 2013

Fake interview.

Guys sorry,but it turned out that the bench interview I posted was a fake after all. I'm so aggravated because I and other SS shippers got really excited over it and now it turned out to be fake. Why do people even do such things? They gave us false hopes and then we turn out disappointed in the end..

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Harunoism Harunoism 4 August 2013

Kishimoto's interview: The Bench Scene( Sasusaku)

I found this very cool interview for us Sasusaku fans,but unfortunately,it was on French.Luckily for you,I'm quite good at french so I translated it! Yay! Here you go! 

Question : " What did Sasuke do after he " knocked out " Sakura ? "

M.Kishimoto : " Honestly,when Sasuke " knocked out  " Sakura he wanted to keep her under custody,but due to dangers that might occur,he left her on the bench.
Q: " Was there a gesture that Sasuke would have given Sakura while she was unconcious? "
M.Kishi : " (laughs) Could be good,I don’t know, it is up to you to guess and wait for the upcoming revelations ! Who knows..! "

Q: " In the first episode of Shippuden,when Sasuke and Sakura ”re-met”,if Sasuke wanted-could he attack Sakura for real? "

M.Kishi: " I want …

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Hikaru89 Hikaru89 2 August 2013

Live Chat, Blogs, Forum and Talk pages - Opinions?

Hi everyone!

So here's the deal, I completely forgot that we can have a live chat in the wiki. I noticed that sometimes people here are on at the same time and chat via messages in the talk pages of each other or blogs, and then I remembered that we can actually have a live chat here too. I'll read how to configurate it, and I'm planning to open it if everyone's ok with that.

Besides that, what I want to ask you guys is about the forum and blogs. Should we leve the forum open? Or you guys think its better to stay only with the blogs? It would be better to close the forum and leave people to use the blogs when they have any questions, suggestions or want to start any kind of converstion? What do you think?

Thanks Hikaru89 (talk)

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Natsue Natsue 31 July 2013

Adding source to fanarts

Hello everyone! Natsue here!

Today I want to talk about adding the source of the fanarts we share on the wiki. As you may all know, pictures are protected by Copyright laws, and that's a serious thing. Most of the time, we share fanarts without knowing  what kind of copyright permissions they fall under, some aren't even allowed to be shared around the internet. Outside all this legal thing we don't have many information about, there's another matter related to sharing art. Artist spend hours, days, weeks and even months working on the artworks we see around everyday. They work really hard on them and if we not give them the proper credit and/or ask for permission, it's just the same as stealing it. Some (especially japanese artists) are si…

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Skygal648 Skygal648 24 July 2013

Should there be more Naruto couples showing? (in anime, manga?)

I think there should...it would be fun to see Naruto hang out with both Sakura and Hinata. Okay, just gotta say...

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Hikaru89 Hikaru89 4 July 2013

Active Editors Reunion!!!

Hello everyone. This blog was created with the intent to reunite the active editors so we can discuss about the wiki's format.

There're many great editors here recently and everyone is making great contributios. But some of us think that things are getting a little out of hand. First I'll say my personal opinion about the subject and I hope everyone show your opinions and suggestions about it.

My opinion is that we should decide together a single base format for every article in this wiki and padronize all of them. For an example most articles have this format: The Couple - Their Relationship - Evidence - Among the fans, because that's how the founder of the wiki create the articles I believe. But them many articles are being created with di…

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~SasuSakuKAWAII ~SasuSakuKAWAII 4 July 2013

Happy Independence Day; To All NCW Fans

Hi Everyone! Happy Independence Day^^

Since it's officially July 4th today, I just wanted to share and celebrate it with everyone^^

There's really nothing much to say..other then.. Look up at the Sky Tonight and Enjoy the View^^ 

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Lillymo Lillymo 2 July 2013



Hello, I'm not sure what to say, but I decided to add my own blog *Whisper: It is more likely isn't very good*

Anway, I was looking at the earn pionts things and one is for adding comments on a blog and I just thought "But nobody has blogs, whaa!" So I decided to create one so people can try and earn their pionts XD Yeep. Now than, let me think. Hmm~


My name is Lillymo *Ha. as if you don't know that!*

I'm 18 years old XD

I like many different anime and manga, nothing really gets to me.

Yuri, Yaoi, Straight. Me fine with them all!

I adore many different characters from many different thing. Roxie from Kingdom Heart is number one! Followed by Miharu and Yoite *MY top yaoi couple* from Nabari no Ou and Then Hinata and Sakura from Naruto!


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Hikaru89 Hikaru89 30 June 2013

New Administrator (calling the wiki's editors)

Hello everyone.

I think many people noticed by now that the wiki's rules are not respected by some people and that there's no edition by the adm and creator of this wiki for a long time. In my opinion this wiki is missing an adm.

That's why I want to adopt the wiki and become an adm. It would be my first time as Adm but I will try to work hard on it. I'm pretty calm person and I try my best to impartial, and listen to all sides of a discussion before making a decision, so I think I might do a good job as adm.

But, I'm not the only active editor in this wiki, so I want to hear the others opinion about the matter. Does anyone else wants to be Adm? Is anyone agaisnt me becoming adm? Anyone have any opinion about the subject? I want to listen the…

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